Showcase Membership listings always appear first, have logos associated with them and their content is syndicated on The Industry Radar news pages, not just the Business Network portion of the site.
Premier Memberships get all of the above, including events listed in our calendar. What they do not get is their content is published or linked on The Industry Radar itself or in our newsletter. It does appear on the Business Network site.
Insurance broker or benefits consultants with Showcase Membership listings will appear on your respective state and region pages as will all your content and events. You can see that online right now for our initial Showcase Members. These will be limited in number by city and state so act to day.
HR, Benefits and Insurance vendors and will also get their content syndicated in the proper areas online. Over 20,000 of our 150,000 subscribers are insurance company employees across the enterprise.
Healthcare, Ancillary and P&C insurance carriers will reach not only our 30,000+ insurance brokers and consultants but also over 100,000 HR, benefits, insurance and "C" level readers at companies nationwide.

The Industry Radar Business Network is a targeted and cost effective way to reach your customers.

If you want more information immediately call me John Nail, at 404-418-5550 right now or email me and can show you how The Industry Radar Business Network can help your organization.